Cubbon Park Bangalore – A Perfect Destination to Chill Out

The lovely park in the heart of the city of Bangalore is Cubbon Park Bangalore that is named after Deputy Commissioner of Bangalore during the time of British rule in India. Cubbon was the personality who incorporated several recreational and development activities in this city. The reservation of this large land for introducing a park was the idea of Cubbon. The greenery is the peace providing factor for the tourists of Bangalore. The innumerable species of plants and trees accompanied with rainbow butterflies are the mesmerizing features of the park. They keep the tourists spell binding for few moments and let them rest in peace.

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I opened my shoes to walk barefoot on the grassy land to feel the depth of their existence and I really did it. The sensation is still afresh in my mind and I can feel it running through my feet. The Park also houses some of the heritage buildings which can be visited in certain hours of time. Seshadri Memorial hall is among one of them which comprises Central Library. This is the live example of knowledge and wisdom where Goddess Saraswati resides as there are number of students, professors, lecturers and scholars that come with references of books. The tall and big shadowed trees are the story tellers of its origin. There is a toy train for the kids and adults to take a ride of the huge park. Visweswaraiah Technical Museum is the added tourist spot to obtain the knowledge of Indian culture and historical artifacts.

There were other things to be seen and entertained but I did not take the steps towards them as I was bounded by the less time and more places to see. But it was clear that I enjoyed the park whole heartedly and recalled my early days when I used to visit the parks for the school picnics or sometimes freak out with friends. The Cubbon Park Bangalore was reminding me of every phase that I followed throughout my life. I was wondering if I would have some of my old friends at that particular period of time. The time flied and I had to leave the place to search for the other.


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