Train Travel from Mumbai to Bangalore by Udyan Express – A Journey of Extraordinary Features

Mumbai and Bangalore are the two major sectors of information technology in India. Numberless professionals connect these cities with their job profiles but again some also visit to have a few recreational activities to break the monotony of mechanical life. I was too among them who was fervent to come across Bangalore, the Garden city and so started my train travel from Mumbai to Bangalore by Udyan Express. It was early morning that I had to leave my home place and move on for a novel journey to Bangalore. Bangalore has favorable climate all the year round and that is the best factor of this city, which draws number of tourists every year to visit the same.

Udyan Express

Udyan Express | Image Resource :

I caught ht train at 8 am and had my breakfast packed from the station’s restaurant itself. Affordable cuisine with great taste is one of my characteristics and I stand on this whenever required. As soon as the Pune junction arrived I plunger out of the train to see the crowd of Pune as I have heard a lot about the educational institutions of the city. As the train halts merely for 5 minutes it was time to roll over. Then the train gushed to different stopovers like Daund junction, Solapur Junction, Ganagapur Road, Shahabad and many others.

Paddy fields, rainbow sky, small huts, farming children are the most fascinating features of travelling by train. Cool breezes that hit the body are the most entertaining part of the train journey. It was evening when I searched for a coffee seller as I stay ready to have coffee whenever I visit southern India. Nalwar, Saidapur, Krishna, Raichur are some of the stations that arrive at night when the train is running on time. The last station which I landed in the evening in search of delicious south Indian cuisines was Wadi.

I had my dinner earlier to have a nice sleep as I like to sleep in the train for its smooth movement, which makes me remind of my early days. However, I could not sleep at that particular day. My train travel from Mumbai to Bangalore by Udayan Express came to an end the next morning and I came out of station in search of a good hotel.


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