Time for A Delicious Undhiyu At Vadodara

It is often said, quite correctly, that to truly feel the soul of a city, try the street food it offers. It is definitely a dream for a food lover like me to eat the most famous dish of Baroda city. It was time to feast my famished soul with delicious Undhiyu at Vadodara. Every city tells me the nature of its residence when I eat what they eat every day. I have travelled to so many places and people are as different as the food in every place.

Delicious Undhiyu at Vadodara

Delicious Undhiyu at Vadodara | Image Resource : wordpress.com

I had never had an Undhiyu before but I heard it’s a famous Gujarati regional dish that has something to do with mixed vegetables. Name of this dish is taken from “Undhu” which means upside down. It is symbolic as they are cooked upside down in earthen pots placed underground and fired from above. I was lucky to have my hands on them as Undhiyu is a seasonal dish available only in the winter season. It includes various vegetables like green beans, muthia, unripe banana and purple yam cooked in a spicy coconut curry. I could get used to this taste because once you have it, it so melts in your mouth that you cannot have enough. Undhiyus are often served in weddings and various regional functions.

We can find this dish accompanied by Puris and garnished with neatly chopped peanuts. It is widely eaten along with Shrikhand in Gujarati houses in the winter season. I gave my appetite a merry satisfaction without compromising with my taste buds before I could spend the rest of my time enjoying its wonderful aftertaste. You cannot have a complete trip without having your guts feed on some delicious Undhiyu at Vadodara streets. Out of the numerous things I saw in this magnificent city, I was really soothed by the royal architecture, the beautiful artwork, the mighty academic institutions, the marvelous temples and finally the taste of a regional dish, which will stay with me for an eternity. I promised myself to relish this tasty dish again and again whenever I get a chance to visit Vadodara.

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