Praying in Humility at Kirti Temple Vadodara

When I saw the grand Kirti Temple Vadodara, I felt I really was saving best for the last. The word “kirti” means fame. It was built in 1936 by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III as a part of diamond jubilee celebration of his existence. It also represents the Maharaja’s propagation of his love and respect for his ancestors. I knew that it was one of the most popular tourist spots in the city.

Kirti Temple Vadodara

Kirti Temple Vadodara | Image Resource :

I started with the famous collection of five wall paintings by the great artist Raja Ravi Verma, which depicted the different phases of the Mahabharata battle. The temple of fame is a collection of various temples built by the Maharaja in close proximity with the Vishwamitra Bridge in the city. I was told this temple was built in the memory of the former members of the Gaekwad family with the blessing of Lord Mahadeva. This temple is one of the major tourist spots of the city. People come long way to witness the magnificent stone building architecture in shape of the alphabet “E” with balconies, tapestries, domes and the 35-meter high central shikhara. The other things that caught my eyes were the amazing marble treated interiors of the Mandir, decorated impeccably with carefully carved murals. The temple is filled with preserved effigies and pictures of the member of royal Gaekwad family. It was built with a group of temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and his disciples. The central Shikhara that rise approximated 34 meters symbolizes the earth, moon and the sun with an undivided map of India. This temple is a dedication to the royal monarchs of the Gaekwad dynasty and it really adds to the pride of the royal family.

I spent some time at the Kirti Temple Vadodara praying to Lord Shiva and thanking God for this wonderful opportunity to witness such amazing places. This was my last stop in this city and now I was famished enough to treat myself with delicious Undhiyu’s. After the amazing trip, I was looking forward to a satisfying Gujarati meal, which would complete my trip in the best way.

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