The Rajputana Check-In at Hotel Apex International Vadodara

Our drama troop mostly consisted of members of the same age group (since all of us were aged around 25+) and shared the same travel ideologies. We saved money wherever we could so that we could spend more money for other luxuries. We were to check-in at Hotel Apex International Vadodara. It is situated quiet close to the railway station so we decided to walk to the hotel and explore the city by the way.

Hotel Apex International Vadodara

Hotel Apex International Vadodara | Image Resource :

My camera was pleased to find many candid shots of the hustle and bustle on the streets, which was quite an experience for us. We were a huge group as we entered the hotel and all heads turned to us to know where this huge group was visiting from. After completing some basic formalities we were led to our pre-booked executive rooms and freshened up for some tea and assortments. In spite of being economical the rooms of the Apex International were quiet spacious and airy. We decided to opt out of dinner provided by the hotel and headed to visit the town and its offering. The town of Vadodara did not disappoint us. It offered variety of cuisines and the Rajputana influence on the food was evident. We visited the Baroda Museum Gallery and Sayaji Bagh. We had dinner at Kansaar, a vegetarian thali joint, which offers best regional food with great furore and at reasonable prices. They had arranged an outdoor balcony seating for our group and the ambience was fantastic.

After the sumptuous meal, tired we headed back to Hotel Apex International Vadodara and after some late night chatting with group members decided to sleep in our rooms. The breakfast was complimentary and was to be ordered in our respective rooms. I woke up to the smell of tea and laughter and rushed with my morning chores so as to not miss out on the fun part. We ate whole heartedly and discussed about our next point in itinerary, which was the Eme Temple of Vadodara. Thus, we bid good bye to Hotel Apex International Vadodara and with backpack on our shoulders and hope in our eyes, preceded to our next destination.


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