My Experience in the Centre of the City at Lehripura Gate Vadodara

From the Eme temple, we moved to our next destination, which are some structures that just define majestic royalty of the entire city. Such was the awe of this one. The Lehripura Gate Vadodara in the centre of the city was a treat to sore eyes after having an eye for a true work of art. Locals told me this monument was constructed by gathering 15000 workers from all over the country. It is a massive structure and is bound to capture anybody’s attention, thanks to its beautifully designed arches.

Lehripura Gate Vadodara

Lehripura Gate Vadodara | Image Resource :

It is a beautiful monument enhanced by pretty arches. My curious and keen sense of gaining knowledge led me to know that this gateway was built in 1558. It served as a western pathway to the old city. The way I witnessed it was a market place. It was a busy street with the Gujarati locals trying to sell artifacts for cheap prize to attract more and more tourists. This gate surely gave a cosmopolitan touch to the entire city. The local vendors at the spot were really cordial and told me where I could buy some beautiful artifacts to add to the memory of this trip at the best prices. Right amidst busy MG Road and very near to Nyay temple, this majestic structure is a must-visit place when one visits the old city.

I spent the entire morning at the centre of the city at Lehripura Gate Vadodara. There were many markets selling different kinds of relics and I bought some of them. I took a lot of pictures and notes for my future reference. I gave further couple of hours to shop for some beautiful paintings and artifacts that belongs to the culture of Gujarat. I wish I could stay in the evening too admiring the wonders created by those workers but unfortunately and fortunately I and my group of friends had the next big thing awaiting my visit. It was time to take my curiosity for history to a whole new level. It was time to wrap up my stuff here to visit our next destination Vadodara Museum and Gallery.


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