Rock Gardens Tirupati – The Wonder of Nature

The Rock Gardens Tirupati is one of the wonders that nature has provided you. The naturally occurring pre-Jurassic stone arch at Tirupati is one among the only three such features in the world. It is 25 feet long and 10 feet high. The rock gardens at tirupati consist of this arch and a garden nearby. The natural arch is also called Silathoranam in Telugu, the local language of Andhra Pradesh. Sila means rock and thoranam is a garland that is hung, connecting two vertical columns. As I was told at the travel desk that the best time to visit the place was from 6.00 am to 8.00 am, I reached the place by 6.30 am. I must say that I was awe struck by the sight and its beauty.

Rock Gardens Tirupati

Rock Gardens Tirupati | Image Resource :

The rock that formed a bridge looks as if it would fall down at any minute. It is one of the major tourist attractions in Tirupati and lots of people visit the place and marvel at the wonderful creation of nature. Being a nature lover, I was very fascinated by the place and took a lot of photographs of the rocks and the arch formed. There are many legends attached to the rock formation. One legend is that Lord Venkateswara walked from Vaikuntam to Tirumala Temple through this arch. It is also said that the height of the deity in the temple is the same as the height of the arch.

Rock Gardens Tirupati

Rock Gardens Tirupati | Image Resource :

There was a garden near the arch which looked well maintained and beautiful with flowers and ornamental trees. I spent some time there sitting on the stone seats. There was a narrow lane that surrounded the garden and I walked along it enjoying the cool air and the smell of flowers. There were many statues of Lord Ganesha, and the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. I saw that many people were taking a walk in the garden. Some were the local people, while others were the visitors who came to see the arch.

After spending time at the garden I went to watch the peacock kept in a cage. It looked very pretty and I took a few photographs of the peacock. I spent about two hours here and then decided to leave.


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