Horsley Hills Tirupati a Better Place to Rejuvenate

Horsley Hills is a quaint little hill station in Andhra Pradesh, about 146 km from Tirupati. It takes about 3 hours by road to reach the place by road. Being a nature lover, I was eager to visit the place and take some beautiful photographs there. Situated at an altitude of 1265 meters above sea level, the climate here is very pleasant and a relief from the hot and steaming summer in the plains. Many people visit the hill station during the summers and there are many resorts and hotels here to provide accommodation to the visitors.

There were daily buses from Tirupati to Horsley Hills and I took a bus and reached the place by 10.00 am. The narrow winding path that led to the hill station was very beautiful and I could view some of the best sceneries I have even seen in my life. I managed to take photographs of some of the sceneries. I could see thick forests with eucalyptus, allamanda, jacaranda and gulmohar trees. There were many colorful flowers dotting the way. I also saw some monkeys on the way up the hill.

Horsley Hills Tirupati

Horsley Hills Tirupati | Image Resource : nvasireddy.files.wordpress.com

The place was misty and serene and looked very beautiful, as if just washed and cleaned. I walked around enjoying the pure air which was so rare in the cities. There were small hills and I climbed up on one of them to get a panoramic view of the valley below. Some of the adventure sports offered here were trekking, bungee run, rappelling, rock climbing and so on. I could see many sandalwood trees here that smelled great.

Panoramic view from Horsley Hills Tirupati

Panoramic view from Horsley Hills Tirupati | Image Resource : 4.bp.blogspot.com

The Environmental Park in the hill station is a great tourist attraction with trees, coffee plantations, mini zoos, crocodiles, lake and so on. There is also a nature study centre here with a museum, library and AV where you can watch videos on wildlife. I also visited the High view seeing point, which is the highest point in the hill station. From here you get a wide view of the valleys, hills, lakes and the dense forests.

The visit to the hill station was really rejuvenating and I came back late at night tired but contented.


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