Tirupati Balaji Temple Makes You Spellbound With Its Glory

Tirupati is one of the most famous temples in India dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is located on the Tirumala Hills, at an elevation of 853 meters. The temple is recognized as one of the richest temples. It is estimated that about fifty thousand devotes visit the temple daily to offer their prayers and 18 to 20 hours are allotted daily for the darshan. You have to stand in long queues for three to four hours to get the darshsn. But there are special queues that offer you seeghradashan or special entry darshan facility, wherein you get a quick darshan by paying Rs.300.

Lord Venkateswara At Tirupati Balaji Temple

Lord Venkateswara At Tirupati Balaji Temple | Image Resource : krishna.org

Special entry darshan timings vary from day to day. I reached the temple by 7.00 pm and since it was Monday, there was special darshan from 9.00 pm till Ekanthaseva. So I paid Rs.300 for special darshan and stood in the queue.

Tirupati Balaji Temple

Tirupati Balaji Temple | Image Resource : rajkotgurukul.org

The temple was a massive structure, sprawling over an area of 2 acres. There were a large number of devotees all busy and eager to have a darshan of Lord Venkateswara. Those who have finished the darshan came out with bright faces, happy and contented to get the darshan and pray to the Lord.

At 9 pm the darshan started and the line began to move. Soon I entered inside, and was taken for the darshan. As I crossed the massive gilt plated wooden door showing the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu, the door that led to the inner sanctum where the idol of the Lord Venkateswara was placed, I felt cool air striking my face and as I entered, it was as if I was transferred to a completely different world. I moved on as if in a dream and reached the sanctum. I prayed, taking a good look at the idol. The idol had a golden crown and the palm of the right hand had the sudarshana chakra and the left hand had the holy cone. The idol was so powerful that one could feel a positive energy engulfing you.

After coming out, I visited other shrines in the temple and returned back to the hotel, never forgetting to buy the Tirupati Laddu.


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