Train travel from Mumbai to Tirupati by Kanyakumari Express

Being a mechanical engineer, my life is full of calculations and machines. So whenever I get a few days off, I go visiting places and taking photographs of the places I visit. Last weekend it was Tirupati that I decided to go. Opting for budget travel, I decided to travel by train and booked a ticket in Kanyakumari Express. Travelling with my friends is what I like the most. But this time I had to go alone, since nobody was free to accompany me. Train travel from Mumbai to Tirupati by Kanyakumari Express takes on full day.

Kanyakumari Express

Kanyakumari Express | Image Resource :

The scheduled departure of the train from Mumbai station was at 3.45 pm. So I packed my bags in the morning, taking care to put all the necessary items in the bag, especially my SLR camera, since I am interested in photography. I had my lunch and took a cab to the station, and reached the station at 3.15 pm. As usual, the station was very crowded with commuters and their relatives, porters and vendors. The announcement was going on and learnt that my train was already on the platform. I got in and took my seat putting my bag under the seat. I had booked my ticket in AC three tier and saw that the a family with two children were the other accuppants in the compartment.

Soon the coach was filled with passengers, all busy talking and searching their seats. By the rime the train took off, all were well settled, eager to reach their destinations. I began talking with the two boys sitting next to me and learnt that they were going to Kanyakumari to spend their vacations there. Their grandparents stay at Trivandrum and they plan to visit them also. Their father was a business man and I had a long conversation with him.

The dinner I had from the canteen and then I got into my berth reading a book. Soon I drifted off to sllep, dreaming about Tirupati and the places that I would visit there. The nest day was a sunny day, and the train reached Tirupati by 3.15 pm. I got down, eager to reach my hotel and have a wash. The train travel from Mumbai to Tirupati by Kanyakumari Express was truly enjoyable.


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