Mayem Lake Goa – A Picturesque Place

I was so mesmerized with the aviation museum that I spent the entire day there. So the next day, I decided to move out quite early at my next destination that was the Mayem Lake. The lake is a very famous lake of Goa and is also a very popular tourist destination. People visiting Goa make it certain to visit this beautiful lake for sightseeing. Even the tour trips have a definite visit to this place.

Mayem Lake Goa

Mayem Lake Goa | Image Resource :

The lake is situated in Bicholim taluka, which is in north Goa. The sector in which this lake is located is habitually unspoilt. On reaching the lake in the early morning hours, I felt blessed to witness such serene beauty. The lake is set along the wooded shores amid the landscape of low hills. There were numerous birds spreading their vibrant colors over the shores of the water. I clicked so many pictures of those beautiful birds in their nests, chirping in the morning breeze. How I could let go of such a golden chance of capturing their pictures?

The lake is ideal for boating and many pedal boats were in operation in the lake. As it was early morning time, none of the boats were in water. But I somehow convinced one owner to sail his boat with me, so that I could get a closer look of nature. The lake is adjacent to a shady park, which was holding a few shops and cafeteria, owing to numerous tourists visiting the place. There were a few inexpensive cottages in self-contained cottages and dormitories offered by the GTDC run Mayem Lake resort.

The nearby village of the lake, Kumbharwado, is also worth visiting due to its picturesque environment, where the villagers are mainly engaged in farming activity. Most families of the village make Ganesh idols of terracotta, which are transported to various parts of Goa. This is a generation passed art where the villagers craft some beautiful and colored idols for festivals. It was an amazing experience to visit the village and interact with the locals. These sites are never seen in the hustle and bustle of Mumbai.


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