Alor Holiday Resort Goa – A Pleasant Place to Stay

I reached the beautiful place of Madgaon at around 7 pm and disembarked at the railway station. My hotel Alor Holiday Resort Goa was still at 48 kilometers from the station, so I hired a cab and headed towards the Alor holiday resort at Calangute. It was getting cold and dark as I was moving closer to the resort. The hue of the dusk was spell bounding, and the music playing in the cab just added to its charm. One hour passed rather quickly and I reached my resort.

Alor Holiday Resort Goa

Alor Holiday Resort Goa | Image Resource :

The hotel was a four-storey building with nice architecture. I was welcomed by the warm and affable staff of the hotel. I completed the basic paperwork and meanwhile, was told about the numerous facilities that were provided. One of the staff members told me that the resort features a swimming pool to relax, a fine cuisine restaurant, gym, indoor game facilities, and many more. I was pleased to have the lavish amenities at an inexpensive tariff.

Then I was taken to my room and my luggage was carried by the hotel staff. The room was decently decorated with soft-colored ceilings and was dimly illuminated. There were all the basic services provided in the room like that of telephone, television and stocked refrigerator. I entered the room with a pleasant feeling.

I decided to relax a bit in the room while watching television as I was tired after a day long journey. Then I moved out and roamed around the resort. Numerous visitors were enjoying with their loved ones in the resort; children were playing in the play room and adults were strolling and chatting. It was so refreshing to watch so many gleaming people around, full with cheerfulness and pleasure.

It was time for dinner, so I made my way towards the restaurant at Alor Holiday Resort Goa. The interior was beautiful and decent. I occupied one table and gave my order. The jovial surrounding was spreading its aura over everyone. I enjoyed my meal and decided to have a walk around the swimming pool. After strolling a little, I started feeling sleepy, so I made my way towards my cozy room. With the plans to explore this beautiful land tomorrow, I retired myself to bed.


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