Ingo’s Night Market Goa – A Symbol Vibrancy and Liveliness

From the Mahalaxmi temple, I was hoping to visit some beach and spend some peaceful time of my own. But I came to know that it is Saturday, which means that the famous Ingo’s night market will be held today, and there was no chance to miss it. So I set all other plans aside and went to the lively and vibrant Ingo’s night market of Goa. The Saturday night market, or Ingo’s Saturday night bazaar, as it is commonly known as is a large shopping and entertainment event of Goa. It distinctively represents Goan culture amid the cosmopolitan affair.

Ingo’s Night Market Goa

Ingo’s Night Market Goa | Image Resource :

As the name suggests, the market is held only on Saturdays and that too during the peak tourist season with its first season just before the New Year and last at around April. I realized that it was more of an event of sightseeing than of shopping, with numerous entertainment programs being performed to attract visitors. The products available in the market included almost everything, ranging from stuffs of a penny to high quality expensive jewelry. A huge number of traders, including locals as well as foreigners participate in the event. However, the pricing of products for sale is very high and one has to bargain to come down to the desired price.

Ingo’s Night Market Goa

Ingo’s Night Market Goa | Image Resource :

As I am very bad at bargain, I decided to stay away from purchasing any expensive products. However, I couldn’t stop myself from hogging on the range of food and eateries offered by numerous restaurants. At this Saturday market, you can come across some amazingly tasty dishes and a variety of international cuisines. I was delighted to see the amalgamation of food that was from different origin, tastes, smell and people from different background. All this seemed more amazing with the backdrop of Goan music and the lightening in the market. Music was being played in the restaurants as well as on the stage. A number of people were dancing around the stage and enjoying the Goan event.

The entrance to this market is absolutely free but is under tight security. Nevertheless, people may have to face some parking hassles owing to the large crowd. All in all, it was a memorable experience for me.


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