Mahalaxmi Temple Goa – A Konkani Temple

It was the second day of my visit to Goa, and unlike the yesterday’s trip to the beaches, today I decided to go to the famous Mahalaxmi Temple of Goa.

Mahalaxmi Temple Goa

Mahalaxmi Temple Goa | Image Resource :

The Mahalaxmi Temple is situated in the village of Bandode that is around 4 kilometers from Ponda and is one of the major tourist attractions of Goa. Mahalaxmi is the presiding deity and is considered the adobe of the original goddess. Mahalaxmi is respected as a form of Durga Devi, who is considered as an independent goddess to whom all the Gods turn up for help when in need. Mahalaxmi is depicted as the goddess of wealth and is prayed as an independent goddess.

When I reached the temple, I was instantly attracted to its beautiful architecture and the place, which was quite peaceful. I entered the temple that leads into a big hall called Mahamandap. It seemed to be a perfect place to detach from the noisy world and commute with the divine, all undisturbed. It was the morning time and the regular devotees were performing their prayers silently. It appeared to be a therapeutic escape from the world. The place was quiet as the tourists troops didn’t arrive at that time. I was observing the temple and was capturing its beauty with my camera. In front of the devsthan, there was a deep stambh (a light tower, which is a characteristic of the Konkani Goa temples.

A large number of devotees come to this place to pray and worship. For this purpose, guest rooms were built around the temples, which are available for the devotees at a decent tariff.

Looking into the history of the temple, it is amongst the many temples that are destroyed by the Christians during Portuguese inquest. When the Portuguese destroyed this temple, the then devotees took the idol of Mahalaxmi to the town of Talauli. Later, it was moved to the present location in the year 1866. Today it is a splendid architectural piece of Konkani temple in Goa.

I roamed around the entire temple and recited my prayers offering them to the Almighty. Meanwhile, it was midday, and I was feeling hungry, so I made my way towards a nearby restaurant.


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