Train Travel from Mumbai To Madgaon by Mandovi Express

Most of my precious times of the past are spent either working or travelling and roaming. Getting lost in a new city is my favorite hobby. Exploring new places and capturing their beauty in my camera is my passion. These things rejuvenate me and relieve me of my work pressure. As a mechanical engineer, I get a very little time to pursue my fervor, but I somehow manage to steal some time for that. This time, I decided to visit a beautiful beach place – Goa, and discover the place along with my camera. So I booked my tickets for Goa via train in Mandovi Express. Travel by train is not only cost-effective but also an amazing means to meet new people and experience the beauty of the journey.

Mandovi Express

Mandovi Express | Image Resource :

There is no particular reason for this habit of visiting new places. It all started during my childhood when my father used to take us all to new places and make us know about our rich Indian culture and heritage. It started building some hunger for exploration.

My reservations were confirmed for the train travel from Mumbai (CSTM) to Madgaon (MAO) by Mandovi Express. The train was scheduled at around 7:10 in the morning from the CST station. I was all set to leave on the day with my bags packed and spirits high. Bubbling with excitement, I left home so as to reach the station well before time. I reached station at 7 am. It was a chilly winter morning, so I quickly occupied my seat in the train and settled myself. My seat was in the third AC coach. The train was packed with people going to Madgaon, mostly for spending a vacation. There were couples, who were visiting Goa for a retreat. Soon a chaiwala entered the train and I opted for a cup of tea to get some relief from the cold. The train was scheduled to reach Madgaon at 6:45 pm. It was time and the train gave the siren for the start. While looking forward to a wonderful trip, I started conversation with my fellow passengers.


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