Gaganbawda Ghats Kolhapur – Enjoy Being in the Heart of Nature

The previous day was a hectic one. It was late in the evening when we returned to our hotel. We had an early dinner and retired to our rooms. I updated my tour story on my laptop. These stories help one to remember the good old days after many years. We chatted for a while about our lives before going to sleep. We woke up on the third morning of the trip totally refreshed and got ready for the day. The Gaganbawda Ghats Kolhapur was the first destination for the day. The place was known for its beautiful scenic nature in the Western Ghats. Our driver came to pick us up right on time just like the previous day. We had a quick breakfast at the restaurant nearby and packed some more food for the day. It always comes in handy to keep food with oneself while travelling. You never know when you get stuck on the road.

Gaganbawda Ghats Kolhapur

Gaganbawda Ghats Kolhapur | Image Resource :

Gaganbawda was right at the end of the Kolhapur district, so it took about an hour to reach our destination. The place had several tourist spots and was a bustling tourist destination. Gaganbawda was the origin of two ghats which went in opposite directions. The ghats were Karulghat and Bhuibawadaghat. Our driver told us that the ghat was particularly beautiful during the monsoon season when the plants were full of fresh leaves. Even in winter it looked really beautiful and once again I clicked a lot of photos. We went to the Gagangad Fort at first. It was an old fort in the lap of the Western Ghats and had historical importance. The Gagangiri Math was a place of worship and provided a serene place for the tourists to calm down their minds.

Gaganbawda Ghats Kolhapur

Gaganbawda Ghats Kolhapur | Image Resource :

The air was really pure here as well and we breathed it in. After the math, we went to the Asalaj Ramling and the Lakhmapur Dam. They were very scenic and photogenic places as well. The Gaganbawda Ghats Kolhapur was a testimony to the natural beauty of the Western Ghats. We started our journey for Bhavani Mandap after having a quick lunch.


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