Radhanagari Dam Kolhapur – A Utility for the Common

After visiting the Town Hall Museum, we had our lunch at one of the restaurants on the way to the Radhanagari Dam Kolhapur. The dam has a very unique piece of history. This was the first dam that was ever built in the country. On our way we really enjoyed the scenery around Kolhapur. It was really very beautiful. I took a lot of photographs on the way on my SLR camera. Such beauty of nature makes buying the camera totally worth it. The memories that are captured on the camera are priceless for the rest of the life. I truly treasure my camera for this purpose. Moreover it also helps me in developing my photography skills.

Radhanagari Dam Kolhapur

Radhanagari Dam Kolhapur | Image Resource : livekolhapur.com

The site of the Radhanagari Dam was very beautiful. We were absolutely spellbound by the wonderful site. The very efficient manner in which the dam has been constructed is truly a spectacle. The dam was constructed on the Bhogawati River. The river flowing by looked absolutely majestic. There were a lot of picnic spots on the banks of the dam. Those picnic spots attracted many tourists every year. We saw a lot of them the day we went there as well. People were enjoying themselves in the heart of nature. Children were playing their favourite sport on the grassy lawns of the picnic spots. We inhaled the fresh air to our lungs’ content.

The dam authorities were releasing water slowly for the people to carry out the irrigation of their lands. The water gushing out of the flood gates of the dam was a sight to watch. There was a hydro-electric plant on the dam as well. A huge quantity of electricity was generated every day by the incessantly rotating turbines. This plant provided electricity to all the neighbouring areas as well as to other parts of Maharashtra. Construction of this dam has made life very comfortable for the common people. The Radhanagari Dam Kolhapur is indeed an instance of human progress to make life easier and better. We left for the last destination of the day, the Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary. It was a short distance from the dam.


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