Hotel Jotiba Kolhapur – Offering Comfortable and Economical Rooms

We booked a cab from the station to Hotel Jotiba Kolhapur. The ride to the hotel was a pleasant one. The road was smooth and well-maintained. The civic authorities have done a god job of keeping the city clean. We had breakfast on the way in a restaurant. We wanted to vile away some time, as the check-in time of the hotel was at noon. The driver of the cab was a friendly man and we booked him for the sightseeing around Kolhapur as well. On the way he showed us a couple of spots and spoke to us about the city in general. The hotel was a bit far from the station. It was almost noon by the time we reached our hotel.

Hotel Jotiba Kolhapur

Hotel Jotiba Kolhapur I Image Resource :

The hotel was a good one considering the charges and the facilities available. We had already made the bookings before and the check-in was done very smoothly. The rooms were cleaned and ready for us when we entered. As it was winter and we did not require any air-conditioning, we had opted for the non-AC rooms. It was lighter on the pocket as well. The hotel staff members were very cordial and they made us feel at home. The manager himself led us to our rooms. We unpacked our luggage after having taken our baths. The bathroom was clean and nicely made. The hot water facility came in handy and we were refreshed after the bath. After that we went to a restaurant nearby to have our lunch for the day.

The hotel provided us all the basic amenities that a traveller needs. Whenever we required anything, the staff provided them as soon as they could. The manager of the hotel was very polite and courteous. On each day of the trip when we returned to the hotel at the end of the day, we always felt at home and relaxed. The furniture in the room was spacious and modern. The beds were really comfortable. The stay at Hotel Jotiba Kolhapur was thus economical and comfortable. We could not have asked for more. I would recommend the hotel to all fellow travellers.


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