Tasty Kolhapuri Bhel – Delicious and Spicy

Indians are food lovers by birth. There are a lot of delicious cuisines in India. Each part of this diverse country has a distinct taste of its own. I am a die-hard foodie. Like everyone my mom is the best cook in the world for me. I have always enjoyed eating right from my childhood. When it comes to spicy food, no one can compete with me. I just devour whatever I can lay my hands on. Bhel Puri is a very famous Indian snack available at many roadside stalls. When we were planning to come to Kolhapur, one of my friends who had previously visited this place told me that I must try the tasty Kolhapuri Bhel Puri. I told him that I would surely do so; though in mind I wondered how different would it be from the traditional Bhel Puri. So, the very first thing that came to my mind when we went around the city markets that evening was trying the Kolhapuri Bhel Puri.

Tasty Kolhapuri Bhel

Tasty Kolhapuri Bhel I Image Resource : youtube.com

The market place in the heart of the city of Kolhapur was a very busy place. There were a lot of people, both local and tourists who were doing their shopping. It was evident that the local shops did quite a good business. There were a lot of food stalls lined up at various places in the market. All of them had their dedicated customer base, it seemed. The eateries offered a wide variety of snacks and one would literally be spoilt for choice.

We had enquired at the hotel of where we would get the best Kolhapuri Bhel. We spotted the stall very easily following the directions. There was a considerable crowd of customers in that shop and we had to wait for our turn. The shopkeeper and his helpers mixed the ingredients of puffed rice, bhujias, sauces, tamarind pulp and spices with utmost care. They were serving at quite a good speed. The difference between the Kolhapuri Bhel and the traditional one lies in the tamarind pulp. We just loved having the tasty Kolhapuri Bhel. It was totally out of the world. The next day we had to tour the city starting with the Mahalaxmi Temple.


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