Train Travel from Mumbai to Kolhapur by Mahalaxmi Express – A Pleasant Ride

The life of a mechanical engineer can get stressful at times so I always look forward to the weekend holidays for short trips. These trips re-energize me and refresh my mind. The winter season had just set in and I was overjoyed to manage a 5-day trip to Kolhapur. I did all my packing a day in advance. The first on my list was my SLR camera, which is my best buddy. I bought new batteries and checked the memory card of the camera. Two of my friends from office joined in for the trip as well. It always helps to have like-minded people to accompany us on trips. The train travel from Mumbai (CSTM) to Kolhapur (KOP) by Mahalaxmi Express was the beginning of a short and sweet trip.

Mahalaxmi Express

Mahalaxmi Express I Image Resource :

We had taken our luggage to work from where we had decided to leave in the evening. It was convenient as all of us had a bag as a piece of luggage. Having reached the station an hour before the scheduled departure of the train, we grabbed a bite at the station itself. The train started in time and soon we were off towards our destination. We quickly settled down on our seats and relaxed ourselves. We spent time chatting and playing cards with each other. The camaraderie between each other was worth noting. On our way to the station, we had packed food for our dinner from one of the restaurants. At 10:30 pm we ate our lunch. It always feels great to eat together with your buddies. The banter and leg-pulling between each other set the tone for the rest of the journey.

The train was travelling well. We had booked general class tickets as we had a budget to maintain and it was winter. The co-passengers were jovial as well. We slept around mid-night. After a good night’s sleep, we were woken up by one of the co-passengers. The train was about to enter Kolhapur. The train travel from Mumbai (CSTM) to Kolhapur (KOP) by Mahalaxmi Express was a pleasant ride. We went to Hotel Jotiba where we had done the bookings.


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