Visit to Sinhagad Fort Pune

It was my last day in Pune and I was leaving by the evening train to Mumbai. I along with my new friends enjoyed the trekking in Torna Fort and all of us had planned a journey together to Sinhagad fort, with which I will wind up my Pune trip. We had decided to leave early in the morning. So, all of us got ready by 5.30 and left for the location. The fort is about 22km away from the hotel and we reached there in one and half hours. We got off the bus and looked around to see the gorgeous surroundings. Pune is a place of scenic beauty and is historic with the forts and caves.

Sinhagad Fort Pune

Sinhagad Fort Pune I Image Resource :

The Sinhagad fort, which meant The Lion’s Fort, is one of the ancient forts, which is significant for the battles fought. It is located on a cliff, which is a part of the Sahayadri range. The hill along with its steep slopes looked great and I took many pictures on to my camera. The fort holds the history of the battle of Sinhagad, which was fought to recapture the fort. The battle was between Shivaji’s army and the Mughal army. Tanaji Malusare was a major in the Shivaji’s army who led the battle and ultimately captured the fort.

It is a scenic location and hilly area attracts a large number of tourists. As we walked towards the entrance of the fort, we saw a huge gate built in stone, which overlooked the entire plains. There were many college students having fun as they were enjoying vacation through adventurous activities like trekking. On the way, we interacted with the students too and they told us that they visit the fort every year as it is one of the best places for trekking.

We saw a number of caves and ancient forts like Rajgad, Torna and Purandar that are surrounding Sinhagad. After spending about two hours in the location, we began our return journey. My train was scheduled to leave Pune Junction at 3:30pm. We reached the hotel around 2pm and I quickly had lunch at the in-house restaurant. I had very less time to leave. My bags were packed and completed the check-out formalities and bid goodbye to the wonderful hosts at Hotel Ashirwad. Thank you Pune for making my vacation a fun-filled one!


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