Train Travel From Mumbai To Pune By Deccan Express – A Cozy Journey!

It was a cool Sunday morning, and I had to wake up early. I had to travel on an official visit to Pune and I thought I would take a break and spend some time in the beautiful city. So, I planned both work and holiday and it was for a week in Pune. I had my tickets booked via my regular travel agent. I had my tickets for Deccan Express, which would leave Mumbai CSTM at 07:00 hours. I was boarding the train at Dadar, which would be at around 07:10 am. I had packed my bags the previous night and it was almost time to leave. I called for a cab and off to the historical city of Pune.

Dadar Station

Dadar Station I Image Resource :

I reached Dadar station at 6:40 am and could see a huge crowd waiting for the Pune train. I had time to have a cup of tea before the train arrived. I walked up to the nearby tea stall and bought hot masala chai for a bright start to the day. Too good..!!! I must say..absolutely refreshing tea! I kept my ears sharp to listen to the announcements. The train was on time and I could see the train arriving and the people getting ready to charge to the train. I had a chair-car ticket and as the train stopped, I found my way through to my seat.

Deccan Express

Deccan Express I Image Resource :

I had two pleasant travelers beside me, and as usual, mine was a window seat. Whenever I book train tickets I prefer window seats. As kids, I still love to watch the scenery outside while journeying. I always feel morning journeys are less tiresome. I kept watching the stations Karjat, Khandala, Lonavla and so on. The scheduled time of arrival in Pune Junction was at 11:05 hours. A little more time and the person next to me seem to be very friendly. He briefly introduced himself and was travelling on an official trip. I also exchanged few things about my job and journey.

The discussions were interesting as it was all about the current scenario that the engineers were facing. Sometimes, journeys become memories as you come across interesting people. It was time and I arrived in Pune. My journey begins here……


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